Using emacs shortcuts in Windows

You have been working in Emacs for several hours, perhaps programming in Elisp, when an error message that you are unfamiliar with comes up. Of course, you know that there is an option to ask Emacs for help directly in most cases, but in this particular case you decide to do a search on a search engine. In a moment you copy the error message that appeared via the M-w key combination and open your favorite browser trying to paste it in the Bing search bar pressing C-y, but nothing happens.

Asking for help in Emacs

One of the most interesting aspects of Emacs is the fact that it is completely self-documented. Whether you are a beginner or not, asking for help on functionality, key chords, variables or functions will be one of the things you will need sooner or later, and having an editor in front of you who can help you solve your problem will prove very useful.

Bootstrapping Emacs World

Hi guys, today I’m launching a new website that will bring you news, information, tutorials, and more from the Emacs world.